Every Business with a fleet or more than 2 vehicles needs to act now to comply with the Regulation
We have a tailor-made platform for Fleet owners/managers to automate their charging to the real need based on their schedule

Intelligent Charging is now possible.
Electric Miles lets you automate the charging schedule, save bills, match green energy and will make you money through your energy assets.
Watch below how our product works

Free grants
Access to OLEV grant funding for new to EV customers along with free consultation from EV experts on the most optimal solution.
Matches Renewable Generation
We auto-direct charging to period of increaced renewable generation to lower grid carbon intensity.
Reduces Charging Bills
Our intelligent charging platform lowers charging bills for EV owners and fleet operators
Join Flexibility network to earn money
Your EV earns your money through power sales on our platform.
For any kind of Business - we have solution.
Personal EV user
Subscription based model for personal EV drivers of Tesla, Nisan etc. models to pay per user or ChargPoint for accessin the intelligent charging solution
Commercial Businesses
Subscription based model for Commercial businesses owned through Small Business or Company. Users pay per ChargePoint for accessing the solution
Fleet business
Subscription based model for Commercial businesses such as Fleet Operators, City Councils, Utilities, Delivery & Logistics all with a fleet of EV vans or cars to pay per user or ChargePoint for accessing the solution
Our platform utilities Ai, Machine Learning, NLP and Blockchain creating the 1st Internet of Energy platform
Computer Intelligence
Energy Democracy
(Creating the 1st Internet of Energy)
Distributed Security & Sourcing
(via Blockchain & R-Chain)
Our platform has an edge over our competitors
Compatible with most existing & all new charge points
(*OCPP 1.6 or higher)
Direct connectivity with most EV's vehicles directly
Sell surplus power to the Local DSO and National Grid
Earn Workplace and Domestic OLEV Grants using our platform
Add your assets on IoE platform and earn money for flexible power suply
We want to convert the EV ambitions into reality

- 1 -
High Quality
We are leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. We like what we do. We like to make people happy.
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Unique Experience
We bring together the high levels of skill, passion, expertise and commitment needed to achieve our goal.
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Good Support
We aim to make a significant difference to positively disrupt the way our society gets and uses energy.
We work with a broad range of partners including
"We believe the future will be all-electric and we are committed to get UK ready for electrification of the Transport, Heat along with Energy Storage solutions"
Register your asset for the Internet of Energy Portal
If you have a Solar Panels, Home energy Storage battery or EV's we want to know so that we can add your assets onto our growing flexibility network:
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Register your EV's for cost and energy efficient solution
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About Us
Climate change threat is real and it is already happening. Global CO2 emission have reached record level.

Electricity Generation and Transportation constitute for 50% of Carbon emission. Electric Vehicles are seen as a major solution to help clean the environment due to no tail pipes. However, as EVs are on an exponential growth with almost 11 million EVs by 2030 – leading to a potential increase of 30% of peak demand if the charging is uncontrolled and not intelligent. This means the World will have to build more and more Power Plants and Generation sources to cater for this increase leading to a negative impact to the environment.

We at Electric Miles, who are a cleantech start-up creating world's most intelligent Internet of Energy (IoE) EV charging solution with the implementation of connected assets onto distributed energy systems to optimise the efficiency of energy infrastructure and reduce wastage.

With our solution with a strong architecture of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP and Blockchain we are looking to match the charging pattern with Renewable generation as much as possible with our automated EV charging solution.

We are still at an early stage – but we had great feedback on our product. If you are interested in our product as a user, or looking to partner with us for collaboration or if you are an investor. Please get in touch with us.
Our team
Our team working round the clock to deliver this platform
Arun Anand
Founder, CEO
A seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully set up and ran startups and businesses. Also been an accomplished Business Architect working for the Big 6 with over 14 years experience in Energy Markets and Utilities in UK & Europe. Arun has real passion for EVs who founded Electric Miles back in 2018 with a prototype built over his own EV car and charger and Climate Change effort.
Steve Ross-Talbot
Professor Ross-Talbot is a professor of distributed computing at Kingston University in London. He is also an author of the SOA Manifesto and a former chair of all the Web Services standards in W3C. He has been a long time CTO across various companies from software product makers to solution providers from cloud to IoT.
Kevin Simons
Strategist, innovator, engineer and project leader in the global energy business with significant global experience Successful start-up co-founder and former business consultant specialising in early stage technology and energy companies. Experience in venture formation; finance, operations, business development; strategy, and funding.
Aleksandr Onikiichuk
Tech Lead
An experience IT developer with deep knowledge and background in scaling apps and platform in the field of IoT, ML and AI. Significant recent projects delivered for EV charging solution including blockchain based billing in Europe. Will be leading the team of developers to ensure Tech meets the Product roadmap.
Be in touch
We want to hear from you if you are on this journey of transforming your miles to electric
Tel: 07725 583332 Arun Anand (Founder & CEO)
Email: info@electricmiles.co.uk